Shape and Size

Smaller pools up to 3m x 6m = 10ft x 20ft we prefabricate and deliver for installation. We do few different models - pictures with sizes in our gallery. 

Larger pools we build on site. Unlike prefabricated (one piece) pools there are no size limitations when building pool from scratch.  We do pools of any shape and size and virtually in any place (access to bring materials, digger and dumper is necessary).

For a free no obligation pool installation quotation call us on 0208 168 0108
Shape and Size


One piece pools are 'ready made' products for delivery and installation.

All our one piece fibreglass pools are really rigid, durable and easy to install. It's hard to damage and it keeps it's shape so once set on flat base you don't have to bend nor push it to find a line (unlike with flimsy toy grade pools).

All dimensions given below are external. Inner length and width is 25-30cm less. Water level will be +-10cm less than total pool depth.

All pools have sprayed 10-15mm PUR insulation.

All extras can be installed (heating, counter current, waterfalls, lights...)

Pictures at the bottom of our gallery

5,2 x 2,55 x 1,1m

5,2 x 2,55 x 1,1 [m]

Twisted style steps

Approx 17 x 8 [ft]

Weight circa 220kg 

Available also at 4,7 x 2,6 x 1,0 [m] 

approx 15 x 8 [ft]

6 x 3 x 1,55m

6 x 3 x 1,4 [m]

Classic pool with roman style steps

approx 20 x 10 [ft]

Weight circa 330kg

Available in many sizes

6 x 3 x 1,4m

6 x 3 x 1,55 [m]

Our most spacious one

Approx 20 x 10 [ft]

Weight circa 360kg

Available also at 5m and 7m lengths

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